Your partner for RPO services. We can deliver the necessary staff, technology, and methodology needed to fulfill your requirements. Our recruitment process outsourcing will attract, vette and onboard the talent you need to take your business to the next level. We understand that your company’s journey, recruitment challenges and goals are unique.

Your RPO Solution


Providing volume recruiting solutions for your specific needs.

Tech Solutions

Using analytics / metrics to both provide more efficient solutions and prove ROI.

BPO Consulting

Technology & Resources. We bring over 100 years of business and recruiting experience.

Skilled talent, ready to rock. scalable resources  |  diversify talent  |  minimize project delays  |  increase sales

Your onshore
RPO SOlution

Our recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services allow you to run your business while we vette, onboard and manage the talent you need to drive business real results.

Find your (bene)fit with us.

  • We will create customized solutions to meet your precise needs
  • Reduce time-to-hire for teams, launches or even temporary projects
  • Control cost and reduce risk by eliminating fixed overhead
  • Avoid redundancy costs
  • Leverage global resources to find the right candidates
  • Fill difficult to fill positions
  • We can provide metrics, service levels agreements, and bench-marking
  • Improve your employer brand image in the marketplace
  • Gain access to active, passive, and hidden candidates
  • Sophisticated recruitment processes, best practices, and technology tools
  • We provide scalable solutions, giving you more flexibility for your unique and changing recruitment needs

We do the dirty work:

We know how to source people and provide solutions that meet your challenges.

Reduced Costs

We handle everything from sourcing to background and reference checks to negotiation.

Global Resources

In today’s competitive global market, you need qualified and diverse vetted options.


Scale up or down at any time, to align with your growing business needs.

Measured ROI

We hold ourselves accountable to measurable benchmarks and provide metrics to prove it.

At FlexTek RS, we take a proactive, relationship-based approach to recruiting. We bring 20 years of global recruiting experience to your recruiting challenges, leveraging cutting-edge technology and extensive networks of professionals and employers.

Stephen Morel, Owner
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