Proud to be a sponsor of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo!

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ promotes agriculture by hosting an annual, family-friendly experience that educates and entertains the public, supports Texas youth, showcases Western heritage and provides year-round educational support within the community.

Since its beginning in 1932, the Rodeo has committed more than $500 million to Texas youth and education.

There are multiple ways you can support the Rodeo’s Calf Scramble Program. Donors can either contribute $2,250 for a calf or donate an amount to the awards program. Both donations can be made as individuals or in groups.
Each student who catches a calf at the Houston Livestock Show™ is awarded a $1,750 certificate to purchase a registered beef heifer or market steer to show at the following Houston Livestock Show™. Returning as an exhibitor, the student shows in a special competition with other calf scramble and judging contest winners. The student receives a $500 bonus if program requirements are fulfilled throughout the year. There are two components to the Calf Scramble program; donors and scramblers. One cannot work without the other. The donors are essential to continuing the program, which gives young students the chance to learn about agriculture and responsibility.

Meet Dollie, the FlexTek calf! Student (2nd): Emily May with Stephen Morel and Kristen McNeely of FlexTek along with Sally Allen, Advisory Board for the Calf Scramble Donors Committee